Corporate Profile

The Saxonia Media is one of the top five series producers in Germany and was founded in 1995 in Leipzig. The city is known since the 15th century as an important international place of trade and later on as the origin of the peaceful revolution from the GDR to Germany as we know it today. Every year we produce over 5000 min of new program and we are on air 90000 min annually. Numbers are still rising. In the past 23 years we produced over 1700 episodes of various genres. 35 TV-Movies and 100 evening filling crime-movies (Tatort/Polizeiruf) for Germany’s most successful TV-slot in ARD’s Sunday primetime. The award-winning German actresses and actors that we worked with include Christoph Waltz, Ulrich Mühe, Martina Gedeck, Sonja Gerhard, Martin Wuttke, Sylvester Groth and Claudia Michelsen.

Our current projects 2018

Currently on air are our weekly success series In aller Freundschaft, In aller Freundschaft - The Young Doctors, and with two new seasons - Schloss Einstein and WaPo Bodensee (from March). In spring 2018, we will go into production of the 6th season of our series Tierärztin Dr. Mertens. And three more series are in pre-production. 2018 will also see our three TV movies Venus im vierten HausWenn nicht, dann jetzt (WT) and In aller Freundschaft - Zwei Herzen, the series anniversary special, broadcast on prime time German TV screens.